Macarthur region

I’m in my 60’s, a single woman with a bucket list hoping that I can cope with the next stage in my life.  How was I going to get started in putting together what I thought was a quick renovation ( builders said otherwise) to what is now going to  be a knockdown and rebuild I was so overwhelmed. I thought the journey would be quick and everything will instantly happen but I also thought my journey alone in creating my dream home was going to be difficult and no one would understand what I wanted to achieve , building a home for an elderly woman with special needs and so many questions. How was I going to use the right terminology describing thingy’s and bits to get that message across?

A friend had recommended I contact Matthew from Devine drafting, and my adult son said to me , and I quote - “you are going to send the poor man mad “, I took a breath , and lots of cuttings from magazines and brought out my 20+year old scrap book and made contact. Matt and his team have been simply wonderful, listening to me describing my vision and what I thought I “need “, and lots of “Ï wants” to a moving budget .They have been very patient and obliging with the journey I am going through, and  their recommendations and suggestions are now on paper as I await to get quotes from builders.  I hope that now goes to plan but I am sure that if it does not , and I need to go back to the drawing board top fine tune my “spend”, then Matt and his team will be right there beside me .